Book publishing

If you want to see your work become a book, we help you with the process from the beginning. We explain the steps:

    1. Once we receive the manuscript, our reading department gives an independent, objective and professional valuation. A report is written, which has a symbolic price of 49 euros, which you will get at a month deadline.
    2. This report also includes a budget adjusted to the book’s characteristics. We study the most appropriate format, the number of copies or if the book needs illustrations, among other aspects.
    3. If you agree to the proposal, we would go into the book’s production phase and, at the same time, we would go through all the administrative processing relating your work.
    4. Once we have the final product, we meet with you to have your approval and to make the last pertinent changes.
    5. After checking the last final touches the work will be sent to printing and, after 20 days approximately, we will send it to the address you ask.
    6. Once the book is printed, AM publishing will support you with its promotion and will do a selective distribution at different selling points at Madrid and in online bookshops.



If you are interested on having a text corrected in order to start showing it or you just want to have it corrected, we can also do it. This includes proofreading and/or correction of style. Whatever you need.

The correction’s deadline will depend on the type of work and the kind of correction selected, but it normally takes between 2 to 3 weeks.


Book layout

If you want to layout a text, adapt it to an specific format, you can send it to us. We will study which is the best format to the type of work (if you don’t have something on mind already), the typography and other characteristics.

The deadline for the sketch will depend on the length of the text and the type of layout (if it is only text or if it includes photographs, illustrations or graphics…)



If you need an impartial opinion about your work, we can read it and send you a reading report without compromise. We will advise you, we will tell you which are the real possibilities of your work and will analyze its structure, characters, rhythm, style, title…

Besides the report, we will attach a budget based in our publishing proposal, according with the type of work (number of copies, selling possibilities, materials used…)

Once you study our professionals’ publishing proposal, which you will get in 3 or 4 weeks, you will have the last word on deciding if you want to go ahead and publish the book. If you agree so, we will have everything done. We will find the best solutions, style and literary wise, and legal.



Since we are part of the great AM family, we have both the technical and the human resources to make your stories, poems, short stories have a background sound.

We record, edit, add soundtrack and do the audio mix of the stories so that you can listen to them anywhere you want.

We record audiobooks, learning material, readings from books or poems…

If you want to listen some examples, you can visit our CUENTOTECA.



Personalized Short stories

Who hasn’t fantasized with being the protagonist of many of the stories we were told when little (and not so little)?

At AM publishing we offer you our publishing department to develop children’s short stories that can be personalized for you and your loved ones. You can be the protagonists of many an adventure.

You can choose between book format or audio book.



They say that an image is worth more than a thousand words… At AM publishing we want to support your stories, poems and short stories with illustrations of the highest quality and creativity.

Always aware of the needs and style of each work, we will propose the illustrators that can make a reality what you have in mind.

It doesn’t matter if it is for a novel, a compound of poems or a Christmas card, you can ask us and we will send a proposal.